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Financial Literacy Game Board for TFSS

Live & Earn

Live and Earn is a board game designed for middle school students of the TDSB to play at the end of ten financial literacy sessions. It is currently available through the Toronto Foundation for Student Success, beyond 3:30 program. For more information on purchasing the game, visit the Foundation’s website.

Game Rules
How to win: The first person to make it through school and get to the post-secondary program of their choice wins!
How to play:
1. This game is played with four – six players.
2. Pick order by rolling the dice—highest number goes first. In case two or more participants roll the same number, they must roll the dice until the one rolls higher than the others. Players will proceed in a clockwise order.
3. If a player lands on a coloured square, they must begin their next turn by answering a question on a Wild Card of the same colour. The player to their left reads the question to them. If they answer successfully, they may roll the dice and proceed. If they answer incorrectly, they must wait until their next turn to try to answer another question correctly.
4. Game continues until one player reaches the square that indicates they have been accepted into the post-secondary program of their choice!

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