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Toronto is a wonderful city. From restaurants to museums, universities to theatres, festivals to farmer’s markets. When you thought you had seen it all, you had tried every dish and biked every trail, a new pocket gets discovered, a new sight caught in the glimpse of an eye, new buildings, new bars, new coffee shops around the corner. Streets filled with souls that walk, glide or simply zoom through this diverse territory; each with a story to tell, a joke to smile about, an interesting tale to share.

So, with all this in mind, I strolled like one more soul through a very particular part of town, the Annex, where I spend most of my mornings this year. Some times, I recognize a face, a sound, even a smell; but nothing has yet stopped me from continuing strolling in my own little personal space. Nothing? or maybe just this one man. He walks the streets by himself, or so it seems. I call him Einstein, for pretty obvious reasons. His hair, really. What is this man’s story? Who is he? Where does he walk to and why? Does he ever change his clothes?

Maybe his socks are always different, maybe his perfume changes every morning, maybe he just doesn’t care. I am convinced that this man has a story behind, something worth telling…yet I haven’t taken a step forward…yet…

In the meantime, while I take a deep breath and gather my energies to one day face him forward, I will continue to be his shadow.

Mr. Einstein…I hope you don’t mind my intrusive camera. I hope you don’t mind my brief-2-step company. You have caught my attention and I just can’t wait to find you again. I will continue to roam the streets of the Annex looking for your walking shadow and one day, I will find the face behind the soul.

Mr. Einstein Walks Again (part II).

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